Our People

Annabel Butler


Programme Assistant

Whakaora Te Waihora Programme Assistant, Annabel Butler.

Annabel Butler may not have much call for her degree qualifications in Medieval French and English in her role as Whakaora Te Waihora programme assistant but she’s enthusiastic about being part of a team working towards...Read More »

Jodi Rees


Senior Biodiversity Officer, Environment Canterbury

Jodi Rees

Jodi Rees has a positive vision for the Selwyn-Waihora Catchment. It’s one that includes a self-sustaining network of effective habitats coming together to form a thriving greenbelt.

“We’re already starting to see that and it’s very exciting to see...Read More »

David Murphy, Whakaora Te Waihora Programme Implementation Manager



Three months into his new role as Whakaora Te Waihora Programme Implementation manager, David Murphy says he has landed the perfect role.

He is excited by the concept of co-governance and in Whakaora Te Waihora, a joint work programme  between Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and Environment Canterbury, he has...Read More »

Frances Schmechel


Frances Schmechel is a big fan of birds and for much of her career, she’s been able to integrate some element of that interest into her work. Now, as senior biodiversity advisor for Environment Canterbury and part of the Immediate Steps Programme (which is part of the Canterbury Water...Read More »

Tim Davie


Tim Davie – Surface Water Resources & Ecosystems Manager, Environment Canterbury; Whakaora Te Waihora Workstream Leader, Science

Tim DavieTim Davie has had a long association with the Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere catchment. He grew up in the Halswell/Taitapu area and the Halswell River was part of his wider childhood playground.

His commitment...Read More »

David Perenara-O’Connell


David Perenara-O’Connell – Project Manager, Ngāi Tahu Relationships at Environment Canterbury

David Perenara-O’Connell  relationship to Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere is long and interwoven. He loves the place and it features strongly in his teenage memories.

“Going out eeling after 9pm – out on the beach with the waves pounding on the other...Read More »

Adrienne Lomax


Adrienne Lomax – General Manager Waihora Ellesmere Trust

Adrienne Lomax considers Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere a hidden treasure – “an amazing, special place that seems to be under-rated by many who live in the Canterbury region.”

She values the lake’s rich history, its wealth of vegetation and birdlife; and she values the...Read More »