What were the significant milestones of 2013?

2013 was a full year for Whakaora Te Waihora. Not only did we celebrate the planting of our 100,000th plant with a successful commemorative gathering at Kaituna Hall but six major science investigations also got underway.

The extension programme, which generates farm environmental plans in conjunction with landowners, also got off to a good start.

Behind all the actual ‘on-the-ground’ work, lay the enormous task of putting all managerial and administrative processes in place.

“It’s these intangibles behind the scenes – building trust and respect, developing relationships and networks – that lay a solid foundation for a project of this size”, says Whakaora Te Waihora Project Manager, Amanda Ward.

“I’m very happy with the progress that has been made. Everyone involved, from staff to governors, have worked very hard and we’ve achieved a lot.

“This project is so much more than simply ‘cleaning up’ Te Waihora. It’s also about changing attitudes and actions within the catchment and building a better understanding of how our entire environment is interconnected.”