Community funding available

AJR Kaituna (13)
The Waihora Ellesmere Trust (WET) has established a new fund to support small scale research and monitoring at Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

Adrienne Lomax, General Manager, WET, says the fund will allow groups to access funding for projects that contribute to monitoring and reporting on the health and biodiversity of the lake and also the efficacy of the restoration activities underway.

“Each year we create a State of the Lake report which covers a number of key areas of interest. In compiling the reports we have found there is a real need for some small-scale funding to allow people to contribute to meeting the gaps in information. The funding is available for a number of areas such as wildlife and recreation,” says Adrienne.

“We envision these funds will be used primarily by students and community groups to help them carry out monitoring work in their local area,” she says.

“Successful applications must contribute information which will help us to tell the wider community and those responsible for management about the health of the lake – the focus is on gaps identified in the Integrated Monitoring Strategy for Te Waihora.”

The Integrated Monitoring Strategy for Te Waihora, developed by Ken Hughey, a professor of Environmental Management at Lincoln University and WET Trustee, covers the following topics:The Plan

• Governance and management, including lake level management
• Land use and land cover
• Water
• Vegetation
• Wildlife
• Fish
• Economy
• Recreation
• Cultural Health.

“All the work around the lake is done in partnership and we see these small grants as an opportunity for community groups to contribute to the wider partnership” says Adrienne.

No agency, or agencies, can measure everything we need to know about Te Waihora so small scale community monitoring has a very important role in filling the gaps says Tim Davie, Surface Water Science Manager at Environment Canterbury.

Applications for funding can be made all year round.

“We anticipate that we will be able to notify applicants of the outcome of their application within a few of weeks of applying,” says Adrienne.

For more information and to find an application form go to this link.

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