Te Waihora – Another perspective

Kawaupaka (Little shag) nesting opposite the Hart's Creek bird hide.

Kawaupaka (Little shag) nesting opposite the Hart’s Creek bird hide. Photo copyright Steve Attwood.

Christchurch-based Steve Attwood is a committed “greenie” and conservationist who passionately believes we have to do more to protect this great planet of ours and all its natural environments and species.

He is an account director for a public relations company, a published author of short fiction and a former journalist and along with his interests in tramping, ornithology, he is a passionate landscape and bird photographer.

“My interest in all things natural was fostered by my parents at an early age but greatly enhanced when I had the privilege of working for the Department of Conservation in New Zealand for three years. It’s great fun to still go to DOC visitor centres, or to read DOC publications and see many of the photos and interpretive writing I created while there, still in use.

“As a former journalist I have a great deal of interest in a wide range of topics and love researching stuff to be really well informed.”

Steve has spent a huge amount of time photographing the landscape, plants and the prolific birdlife around Te Waihora, and we regularly feature some of his stunning bird images in our Bird Watch notes. If you click on the below link, you’ll be able to see more and read Steve’s own thoughts on his forays into the Hart’s Creek area.


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