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News Bioblitz 1

05 Apr 2023

Big turnout for Bioblitz at Muriwai o Whata

A Bioblitz at Muriwai o Whata/Coopers Lagoon has helped collect important information about the area's species.

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News Hedgehog Credit Simon Gooding TeWaihora

21 Mar 2023

Pest Free Banks Peninsula breaking new ground on hedgehogs

Part of the windswept Kaitorete has been cleared of hedgehogs to protect vulnerable wildlife, in a proof of concept that’s thought to be a national first.

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News Te Waikekewai tile

01 Dec 2022

Wetland project for Te Waikēkēwai/Waikēkēwai Stream reaches design phase

A mana whenua-led project involving the construction of a wetland near Ngāti Moki Marae, has taken a significant step forward.

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News Waterwise group

22 Nov 2022

Waterwise wets appetite for freshwater management

Waterwise 2022 took place in September with a focus on resource management, particularly freshwater and wetlands in the Selwyn Waihora zone, combined with personal and leadership development for the participants.

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News te waihora website launch tile

19 Sept 2022

New Te Waihora Co-Governance website builds on a decade of achievement

The Te Waihora Co-Governance partners have launched a new website, an important part of telling the story of this taonga.

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News Rolleston tamariki inverts

05 Sept 2022

Rolleston tamariki get involved in Te Taumutu Rūnanga’s planting project along Te Waikēkēwai

Students in Rolleston have been busy learning and actively improving the environment during Kids Discovery Plant-out days with Te Taumutu Rūnanga in Te Waihora catchment.

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News Planting trial tile

13 Jul 2022

Planting trial at Te Waihora aims to re-establish submerged vegetation

NIWA scientists are working with the Co-Governance Group to re-establish beds of kōrepo (Ruppia megacarpa), water plants to help keep water clean, and provide good habitats for fish and other aquatic organisms.

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News Trapping key threats tile

08 Jul 2022

Trapping key threats on Kaitorete

A trapping project on Kaitorete is helping reduce the number of animal pests across 5,000 hectares of biodiversity-rich land.

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News Mute Swans Tarerekautuku Yarrs Lagoon tile

21 Feb 2022

Significant wetland to be restored

In 2022, Selwyn District Council welcomed funding from the Government to restore Tārerekautuku/Yarrs Lagoon, a significant wetland leading to Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

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News Whakaora Te Ahuriri Documentary tile

13 Oct 2021

Constructed wetland documentary released

Whakaora Te Ahuriri – A Wetland for Te Waihora, which documents the construction of Te Ahuriri was released in 2021.

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News Royal spoonbill flock Steve Attwood

30 Sept 2021

Bird watch - Kōtuku/Royal spoonbill

Kotuku ngutu papa/Royal Spoonbills are frequent visitors to Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

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News Te Waihora Reserve Planting

15 Sept 2021

New planting sites will bring back a piece of natural Canterbury

The establishment of two large native planting sites will mark another major step toward restoring native biodiversity in the Selwyn region.

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