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A vision for Te Waihora

Te Waihora birdlife

To restore and rejuvenate the mana, mauri and ecosystem health of Te Waihora and its catchment.

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Te Waihora Co-Governance mission statement

Co-Governance is the korowai of kaitiakitanga over Te Waihora and its catchment. 

To be leaders providing direction for all those who have a role in, or responsibility for, restoring the mauri of Te Waihora while maintaining a prosperous land-based economy and thriving communities for current and future generations.  

Co-Governance commitments

We will:

  • Set strategic direction and priorities for all those working to restore the mana and mauri of Te Waihora, ki uta ki tai, and to promote integration and alignment of actions across Te Waihora and its catchment within an overarching framework for restoration and rejuvenation
  • Provide political leadership and influence for the implementation of our strategic direction for Te Waihora and its catchment for current and future generations
  • Share decision-making with Ngāi Tahu, on matters that relate to the mana and mauri of Te Waihora and the catchment, to the extent that Ngāi Tahu determine as necessary
  • Secure sustainable long-term funding and investment for actions on the ground
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the implementation of restoration work programmes and of co-governance over time

Contributions of the parties

What does the Co-Governance Group want to achieve?

In 2019/20, the Co-Governance Group began the development of a framework to help track overall progress towards achieving the shared long-term vision and strategic priorities for restoring the mana and mauri of Te Waihora.

The focus is on the outcomes, which represent the aspirations of the local communities and those most closely connected with Te Waihora.  

The section below sets out the two-generation, or 50-year, outcomes and what that should look like.

Two-generation (50-year) outcomes

Outcomes are based on the Co-Governor's vision statement and shared priorities. We also align our outcomes with the Treasury's Living Standards Framework and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Te Waihora Indicator Framework and vision for Te Waihora and the catchment

For each of the outcomes the Co-Governors have drafted a set of indicators. In December 2020, the Co-Governors met to explore their aspirations and expectations for the 10 and 20-year visions for each of the 20 indicators.

You can read more about the indicators and the Co-Governors' vision in a report to the March 2021 Co-Governance Group hui.